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When ordering school uniforms for your child, please keep in mind that uniforms fit differently and are worn in a different manner than fashion clothes. We carry a variety of size ranges so that almost every student can be be fitted. Our half sizes for girls are for those thicker in the middle without a lot of height. Junior sizes are labeled by the waist measurement.  If your daughter's waist is 28 inches and she is at least 5' 6", you would want to order the Junior size 28 skirt.

Recent fashion trends in girl's shirts and blouses have presented a new set of circumstances when sizing your daughters for shirts. Most are attempting to wear uniform knits and oxfords as a fitted fashion blouse. Our uniforms are not styled in this manner and we still suggest you size for growth and not fashion.

Fashion has also led to the development of the "Hipster" skirt which has no waistband or button and sits lower on the hip. Our size chart is for the traditional fit skirt, but the hipster runs just about one inch larger in the waist once the waistband is removed. The measurement of a Hipster Skirt is based on where the skirt fits at the hip.  If you measure your daughter just below the navel where she wears her skirt, you would order the size that comes closest to that measurement.


School uniforms usually fit differently than fashion items, especially since today's look for some kids is over-sized and for others tight. It is important to size your student for growth, but don't mistake fashion for growth!

Today's fashion either has guys in skinny tight legged pants or over-sized and long in length. Uniform pants are not styled this way. They are to be worn fitted and belted at the waist with normal leg width. Shirts are to be tucked in so you please allow for that when you purchase pants or shorts.

Most pants and shorts run long and hemming may be necessary for some. Husky pants and shorts provide more hip and thigh room in our relaxed fit.

Pleated K12 pants in men's only come in 30 or 32 length inseam. If you need a longer inseam, buy the A+ Brand. A+ School Apparel pants are available for Men in inseam lengths of M (Med-30"), L (LRG-32"), XL (34") W(37" Unfinished). Prep sized A+ pants are only available in inseam lengths M (Med-30") and L (LRG-32").

Our Boy's pants and shorts have the Adjustable waist in sizes 3 to 16 and Husky

The Husky sizes in Pleated K12 are in the traditional sizing scale, 8H, 10H, etc. A+ Husky pants and shorts for boys are sized by waist size, 27H, 28H, 29H, etc.

Prep sizes are best suited for the tall, lean or lanky teenager who is not quite into men's sizes.

It is appropriate to buy one size up in knit and short sleeve oxfords from your student's pant size. If your student wears a size 12 Reg pant, a size youth large (14-16) knit will allow for some growing room. However, it would not be correct to buy a youth medium(10-12) for a student in a size 6 or 7 regular pant. We order Adult small through 4XL in shirts. The Youth extra large knits and size 20 oxfords are close to the same fit as an Adult Small, only longer for taller students. If your student wears a size 16, the Youth XL is generally the best size unless they are over 5'6".

The gray flannel pants are a "traditional" fit, so we advise you to go up one size from the relaxed fit of the twill pants when ordering this style.

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